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Guest Blog: Josiah Lockhart, Chief Executive, Gorgie City Farm

Posted: 2017-05-18 12:04:50

Guest Blog: Josiah Lockhart, Chief Executive, Gorgie City Farm

Gorgie City Farm has been at the heart of the community in Edinburgh for 40 years. A little over 12 months ago, the farm was facing closure due to a drop-in funding and rising costs. We’ve worked very hard, in partnership with the city and our supporters, to re-build the organization into one that not only provides a free space for the public to come, but also acts as thriving social enterprise that values everyone who takes part. Having reached stability last year, we set a goal to be a progressive employer that looks after its staff, especially those who look after the 600+ volunteers and trainees we work with every year, many who come with support needs.


We are excited to become a Living Wage organization, and believe it is an important milestone for us, further acting out our charity's principals of supporting people to live fuller, more equitable lives. Nearly 40% of our staff team have come through our volunteering and training programmes, and we believe that supporting them to have a living wage not only gives them a fairer start, but also further improves our local economy.

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