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Living Wage Champion Awards 2014


We are delighted to announce that SSE have won the Scottish Living Wage Employer of the Year Award 2014!

SSE is the UK’s second largest energy company, providing gas and electricity to over nine million customers. The Living Wage has already struck a chord with some organisations, but SSE wanted to become the first energy company to come on board. Signing up to the Living Wage shows that SSE takes its responsibilities to its 19,000 employees seriously.

SSE needed to communicate with some 15,000 suppliers; implement a Living Wage clause into every new service and works contract; and ensure the clause was compliant with utilities procurement regulations.

Paying the Living Wage brought immediate surprise and delight to 158 SSE employees. Less expected was the tangible pride felt across the company by doing the right thing.

Since accreditation, SSE has begun the process of rolling out the Living Wage across its £2bn-a-year supply chain. This means that all employees who work regularly on an SSE site are guaranteed a fair day’s wage – even if they are not directly employed by SSE. This ripple effect will make a huge difference to thousands of workers.

SSE is also working closely with the Scottish Living Wage Accreditation Initiative and promotes the Living Wage to its supply partners. The next step might be to encourage the other major energy companies to follow their lead!

Sandy Fergusson, Managing Director of Cameron and Fergusson, said:

"As Managing Director I can see first-hand that working with SSE and signing up to the Living Wage, has seen a marked improvement in attitude and output of our labour force".


The Living Wage Champion Awards recognise Living Wage Employers and Service Providers that have made great contributions to communities and industries by implementing and celebrating the Living Wage.

The awards are judged by an independent panel of community leaders from the UK Living Wage campaign.

One winner has been announced for each region of the UK: Scotland; Wales; Northern Ireland; the East Midlands; the West Midlands; the East of England; Yorkshire and the Humber; North East England; North West England; South East England; South West England; and London.

For a full list of the winners across the UK, please visit:

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