Living Wage Scotland 2020 Review

As 2020 draws to a close, it’s timely to reflect on our experience of the past year, and the impact of the pandemic on the Living Wage movement in Scotland.   At the beginning of the year, the Living Wage Scotland team had set out to increase uptake of Living Wage employer accreditation amongst small businesses, childcare providers, public sector ‘anchor’ institutions and the third sector.   Of course, we had not anticipated a global pandemic and in March, we temporarily paused … Read more

Living Wage Scotland: Reflections on the national living wage increase

On 25th November, the UK Chancellor announced that the National Living Wage will rise from £8.72 to £8.91 from April 2020 – a 2.2% increase – and will be extended to 23-year old’s for the first time. Prior to this, only workers aged 25 and over are legally entitled to the national living wage.   An increase in statutory wage rates is welcome, although it is important to note that statutory wage rates are not … Read more