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BLOG: Working with Uncertainty as a Living Wage Employer by Jill Keegan, Outside the Box

Posted: 2020-05-20 12:00:05

BLOG: Working with Uncertainty as a Living Wage Employer by Jill Keegan, Outside the Box

Coronavirus and lockdown has affected our workplaces massively and now there’s a need to support workers more than ever.

Supporting Our Staff

Outside the Box is a third sector equalities charity which provides independent development support to people across Scotland who want to make a difference in their communities. We are proud to be a Living Wage employer and have taken steps to ensure our staff team are supported during this time.

Here is what our Chief Executive Anne Connor had to say, “For us, being a Living Wage employer is part of being fair to both our employees and showing to the wider community that this issue matters. When we told staff their pay was continuing, they knew that this level would be covered, no matter what happened.

This has been important over the past weeks when people face so much uncertainty.  Being reassured about the level of pay helps the wellbeing of our staff, and I am sure this is shared for many others working for Living Wage employers.”

From a staff perspective getting paid Living Wage in these uncertain times has been invaluable and motivates our trust in the organisation and supports us to deliver our work effectively. Christine, our Community Worker in the Borders, had this to say:

“Working for an employer who not only pays the Living Wage but also looks out for the wellbeing of its employees during these challenging times has been a huge relief not only financially, with increased food & energy bills due to everyone being at home, but also the understanding that people are trying to cope with a new way of working which also includes home schooling kids.”

Supporting Nurseries

Outside the Box are currently supporting private nurseries and other employers to become recognised Mum Friendly employers through our Mums Returning to Work project. This is about sharing good practice and embedding an equalities approach that respects access to fair work for women returning from maternity leave. The private nursery sector employs mostly women who are providing a service to families - so the need to retain staff in this industry is vital for the wellbeing of the staff team and to provide a much needed service for families who require flexible childcare to allow them to work.

Alison, the owner of ACE Place Nursery in Glasgow had this to say “We have lots of initiatives that allow staff to see that we want to keep them and keep them motivated. We’re a real Living Wage employer, which is also rare in this industry. But I wanted to show that we value our staff and for parents to see that too.”

Working for a Living Wage employer is not just about the pay, it’s about feeling respected which in turn retains and nurtures a healthy staff team – good for productivity and sustainability in the long term.


Jill Keegan

Community Development Adviser

Outside the Box



0141 353 0440

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