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Little Beehive Nursery Becomes a Living Wage Employer

Posted: 2020-08-07 13:13:05

Little Beehive Nursery Becomes a Living Wage Employer

Three years ago, Little Beehive Nursery set out a plan to bring their team members in line with The real Living Wage and last week, they announced that they’ve done it!

Little Beehive Nursery was established in Cupar in 1997. The nursery was originally called Busy Bee Nursery, but a re-brand took place in 2016 and so they became “Little Beehive Nursery”. Since 1997 they have experienced steady growth and the nursery group has now expanded to include several nurseries located across the North East of Scotland.  

In the past three years, the Little Beehive team have seen steady pay increases to bring them into line with the real Living Wage today (£9.30), some members of the team receiving as much as a 29% pay rise over these three years.

The real living wage offers both employees and employers a range of benefits, from boosted self-esteem and confidence for the team member to a more productive workforce for the employer.

The real living wage is currently paid by over 6,000 UK businesses with more than 180,000 workers receiving pay rises along the way.

Within the private Early Years sector, it is estimated that 80% of practitioners are paid below the Real Living Wage, while 50% of supervisors are too. While at Little Beehive Nursery, 100% of practitioners and senior staff will receive the real living wage as a minimum.

Sandra Davidson, Director, Commented “We are thrilled to have received this accreditation and be among a fantastic and growing group of businesses within the UK that see the value of their team. Little Beehive Nursery practitioners are some of the best in the country, and we believe what they earn should reflect that. We set this target for ourselves three years ago, knowing we wanted to be a real living wage employer for the new 1140 hours funding the government are launching next month. Early Years Education is a passion and a highly skilled vocation, many practitioners devote their lives to educating the next generation, and we want to make sure we do everything we can to retain the best to make sure we provide the best.”

Jack Evans, Living Wage Scotland Manager, commented “We are delighted that Little Beehive Nursery Group has joined the Living Wage movement, ensuring that all their staff across their multiple nurseries receive at least the real Living Wage of £9.30 per hour.

There are few more important jobs than educating and caring for the youngest in our society and it is fantastic to see Little Beehive Nursery Group rewarding their team for the complex and demanding work that they do.

We know that staff that are fairly treated and well-rewarded are likely to deliver a higher quality of service and we hope that other organisations follow Little Beehive Nursery Group’s lead and choose to pay the real Living Wage, which reflects the real cost of living.“

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