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Meet the Employer - TIGERS Ltd

Posted: 2019-10-01 11:26:08

Meet the Employer - TIGERS Ltd


This month we are giving you the opportunity to get to know TIGERS Ltd a bit better. TIGERS was established in 2001 when it was realised there was a gap in the training and employment market for quality and relevant training programmes. They now deliver Employability Fund, Modern Apprenticeship and Foundation Apprenticeship frameworks as well as Continuous Professional Development courses to the Construction, Early Years and Business Administration industries.


Following on from a consultation exercise on their Rewards and Recognition Package, in 2015, TIGERS chose to pursue the Living Wage accreditation, as part of reviews within the company’s structure. Julie Dey, Corporate Manager explained:

“Our decision to do this was based on our belief that our people are fundamental to our success and if they feel valued, it will have a positive impact on our learners who they are working with on a day to day basis. We fully support the belief that everyone who is in employment should be better off in work than out”.

Julie highlighted how the implementation of the real Living Wage and accreditation has brought a range of benefits to the business:

“By implementing the real Living Wage, we have developed a dedicated and committed team who are passionate and enthusiastic to meet TIGERS’ vision for a fair inclusive world where equal opportunities exist for individuals, families and communities. Our absenteeism is low and over one-third of our staff have more than 5 years’ service which pays testament to our Relationship Led Practice culture”.

The employee package offered at TIGERS is a diverse one and Julie noted that payment of the real Living Wage is only part of the benefits on offer to staff, with the leadership team prioritising the development of trusting relationships, which includes a staff wellness programme and a commitment to high training for their team’s personal and professional development. However, Julie explained that the Living Wage accreditation fits with the culture within TIGERS and is a clear way to represent TIGERS values and their commitment to ending in work poverty. Very fitting with their reason why as a business - “To support people to develop their potential”.

I asked Julie what she would say to another employer who is considering Living Wage accreditation:

 ‘We believe, to achieve business growth, the value and commitment of the team within that organisation must be recognised. By adopting the Living Wage, it gives both internal and external recognition of this to the team, stakeholders and partners’.

We couldn’t agree more!

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