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Support a real Living Wage for our Key Workers

Posted: 2020-05-21 10:21:08

Support a real Living Wage for our Key Workers

Help us to support a real Living Wage for Key Workers

We want to thank key workers, including delivery drivers, care workers, supermarket assistants, cleaners, the NHS and many many more, who are doing an incredible job at keeping our country going during the coronavirus crisis.

Despite the huge contribution key workers are making right now, we also know that over 1 million key workers in the UK are not receiving a real Living Wage - which is the independent rate calculated annually on the cost of living.

We need key workers and they need a real Living Wage. 

How can you help?

Follow the link below to download a poster. You can then spread the message of a Living Wage for Key Workers on social media.

If you are able to print a poster, please display it on your door or your window. You can then take a photo and put this on social media

You can also like and reshare other people’s photos on social media

Please use the hashtag #LivingWage4KeyWorkers and mention

Twitter - @LivingWageUK and @LivingWageScot

Instagram - @livingwagefoundation and @livingwagescotland

Thank you for your support!

A Living Wage for Key Workers Poster Download


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