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Workers Benefit from Increased Living Wage Uptake in Lanarkshire

Posted: 2019-05-07 14:56:57

Workers Benefit from Increased Living Wage Uptake in Lanarkshire

Over 3000 workers in Lanarkshire have received a pay increase to the real Living Wage of £9.00 per hour, thanks to 120 employers in the region having become Living Wage accredited.


Both North Lanarkshire and South Lanarkshire Councils are currently offering a discount for employers which means that employers who are based in Lanarkshire can receive up to 50% off the accreditation fee for becoming an accredited Living wage employer.


The most recent to become accredited are Bespoke Clinical Care, who employ 14 staff and provide complex and long-term ventilated care at home for children and young adults. Bespoke deliver services with compassion and dignity, allowing those they provide care to have the best possible quality of life.


Their Living Wage commitment will see everyone working at Bespoke Clinical Care Ltd, regardless of whether they are direct employees or third-party contracted staff, receive a minimum hourly wage of £9.00. This rate is higher than the statutory minimum for over 25s of £8.21 per hour introduced in April 2019.


Michael Mitchell, Director of Bespoke Clinical Care Ltd said:


“Having been in operation for a year, the Directors of Bespoke Clinical Care Ltd had no hesitation in paying the real Living Wage to all staff.


“Our staff care for clients with complex clinical care needs. We feel paying the real Living Wage as a minimum ensures that Staff will be motivated and committed to person-centred care. This should reduce staff turnover and attract better qualified personnel. In turn, it should also result in improved business performance”.


Natasha McCaig, Health Care Support Worker at Bespoke said:

“I will benefit from being paid the real Living Wage as I have added stress of paying bills and it’s always a struggle to get by. With a little extra money I will be able to have enough to go out and have a social life and catch up with friends after paying all of my bills”.


Claire Brennan, Health Care Support Worker said:


“Being paid the real Living Wage enables me to run my car that allows me to get to work, university and as a nursing student, it allows me to get to my placements which can be a distance away. It has had a positive effect on my mental health as I have been in positions in previous jobs where I have had to cancel shifts as I cannot afford petrol or public transport. I can pay my monthly bills on time without having to worry and I can save each month as I am currently saving to buy my first home”.



Pauline Elliot, Head of Planning & Economic Development at South Lanarkshire Council, said:

“I would like to congratulate Bespoke Clinical Care on taking the leap and becoming accredited.  We fully support the Living Wage. Too many workers are struggling to make ends meet and getting paid the real Living Wage can make a significant difference. It also brings a range of benefits to the business as well such as increased productivity and staff retention. In South Lanarkshire we are actively promoting the Living Wage and other fair practices across our business base and hope that others will follow in Bespoke Clinical Care’s footsteps”.


Peter Kelly, Director of the Poverty Alliance said:

“The real Living Wage is one of the key tools at our disposal to help make an impact on levels of in-work poverty in Scotland. There is a strong business case for paying the real Living Wage; but crucially it allows those in work to become more included in society, better provide for their families, and feel that their value and hard work is recognised by their employer. We are delighted to congratulate Bespoke Clinical Care Ltd on becoming a Living Wage employer. I hope more organisations follow their lead by becoming accredited”. 


Julie McGahan, Living Wage Scotland Manager said:

“We are delighted to welcome Bespoke Clinical Care Ltd to the Living Wage movement.

 We are a movement of over 1400 Scottish employers who together want to go further than the government minimum to make sure that all their staff earn enough to live on. We have lots of smaller employers as well as larger and iconic Scottish employers like SSE, Standard Life, Barrs, Mackies, ScotRail, D.C. Thomson and many more.

These businesses recognise that the Living Wage accreditation is the mark of a responsible employer and they, like Bespoke Clinical Care Ltd join us, because they too believe that a hard day’s work deserves a fair day’s pay."



The real Living Wage is an hourly rate set independently and updated annually. The Living Wage is calculated according to the real costs of living.



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