Living Wage Scotland Awards 2019

Living Wage Scotland Awards 2019

The Living Wage Scotland Awards 2019 will be held on 15th November 2019 at Strathclyde University in Glasgow. We would be delighted to see as many nominations for the awards as possible from our employer network.

There is a network of over 1500 accredited Living Wage employers in Scotland, their commitment to ensuring staff receive a fair day’s pay for a hard day’s work has led to 37,000 workers receiving a wage increase to the real Living Wage and put £116 million into workers pockets. The Living Wage Scotland Awards allow us to celebrate and highlight the commitment made by the employers who have gone above and beyond in their commitment to the movement.

Please be aware the awards are only open to accredited Living Wage employers.

Living Wage Scotland Employee Choice Award 2019

Who can apply: Employees of accredited Living Wage employers can nominate their employer for this award.

Criteria: Reasons for nominating may include: positive response to receiving the real Living Wage, they have seen their employer actively promote and engage with the Living Wage or other reasons relating to the Living Wage which make the employee proud to work for their organisation.

Living Wage Scotland Industry Trailblazer Award 2019

Who can apply: Accredited Living Wage employers of all sizes.

Criteria:  An employer who is a stand out in their industry due to their commitment to the real Living Wage. Setting an example to others and actively promoting their accreditation in a range of forms.

Living Wage Scotland Newcomer of the Year 2019

Who can apply: Employers accredited within the last year.

Criteria: An employer who has done something that stands out to celebrate their accreditation, has taken part in activity since accreditation to promote the real Living Wage or has contributed in other ways to support the Living Wage movement.

Living Wage Scotland Voice of the Year 2019

Who can apply: Individuals OR employers who are vocal and work to raise awareness on the issue of low pay and the real Living Wage.

Criteria: Examples of activity: hosted events, given speeches or presentations, written articles, promoted through social media.

Living Wage Scotland Anchor Institution Award 2019

Who can apply: Employers who are recognised as major employers within their community.

Criteria: An employer has shown continued commitment to the Living Wage movement through their actions and behaviours.

Living Wage Scotland Outstanding Leadership Award 2019

Who can apply: Employers who have been accredited for 2 or more years.

Criteria: An early adopter of the Living Wage who has consistently demonstrated leadership through actions such as: working to encourage others to become accredited as Living Wage employers, speaking out publicly on the real Living Wage, and going above and beyond the scope of the accreditation licence criteria.

If you wish to apply for an award, please click here. The deadline for submitting applications is Friday 20th September.

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