Meet Amiqus

Meet Amiqus

The award-winning profit with purpose company, Amiqus, was established four years ago and is headquartered in Edinburgh. They are building a suite of products to help people engage more easily with professional services. Amiqus ID, the first online tool launched by Amiqus, helps firms to collect, analyse and manage anti-money laundering and compliance information. It is now accredited and recommended by regulatory bodies throughout the UK and has been adopted across multiple sectors. As a result, the Amiqus team and client base are growing rapidly.

Richie Stewart joined the team as Head of People a year and a half ago, with the ambition to help CEO Callum Murray instil the right types of values into the business, while it was still in the early stages of growth. Specifically, Richie has focused on developing a company that is accessible, trustworthy and secure. Over the years, their commitment to these values has led to various awards and accreditations, including accreditation as a real Living Wage employer in 2018.

“Because we work in an environment where we handle people’s data, one of our key values is trust. The accreditation gives further validation to the fact that we are a well-run company. It’s really important to us.” - Richie Stewart, Head of People

While seeking accreditation as a real Living Wage employer fit in with the company values, it also made perfect business sense for Amiqus. According to Richie, there have already been instances where living wage accreditation has helped them win larger contracts.

There’s two sides to accreditation, it’s about doing the right thing, but we also recognise that it makes business sense. We emphasise things like accreditation when we are going to speak to clients who we want to work with, and it has been a big tick in the box.” - Richie Stewart, Head of People

Richie was surprised to find out that, although most tech businesses in Scotland pay above the real Living Wage, only a handful of them are accredited as real Living Wage employers. By spreading the message about the tangible business benefits of accreditation, Amiqus is hoping to encourage larger companies within the sector to get involved in the movement and raise awareness about the importance of the real Living Wage in Scotland.

In August of 2019, the Living Wage Foundation launched the new Living Wage Tech Champions Network which Richie is also a key member of. This network aims to encourage large tech businesses to become accredited Living Wage employers, ensuring their direct and contracted staff earn enough to get by.

“These days big businesses want to work with companies that seem to be doing good, a lot of them value that.” - Natalie Ferguson, Business Development Manager 

For a scaling business like Amiqus, who aspire to work with bigger, enterprise sized companies, being a living wage employer has been helpful. What Amiqus might be lacking in size, it is making up for by being an ethical business that is value-driven and Natalie believes that big businesses want to work with companies that are doing good.

Business Development Managers Craig Wilson and Natalie Ferguson also take pride in the company’s values and were drawn to work at Amiqus because of the office culture.  In fact, Craig, who has been working for Amiqus just a few months, recognised the supportive work environment from the get-go.

“The company culture is definitely the best thing about working for Amiqus. It was apparent to me even before I joined that people were happy to work here.” - Craig Wilson, Business Development Manager 
Finally, Richie believes that accreditation is not only a straightforward process but, as the majority of tech companies already pay above the real Living Wage, it should not be difficult for other tech employers to join Amiqus. 
“To me it seems like a no-brainer and the more high-profile companies that get involved, the better it is for society in general.” -  Richie Stewart, Head of People 

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