Meet Grandview House

Meet Grandview House

Libby Eavis became a Director 6 years ago following completion of her Business degree, joining her mum and brother to support the running of Grandview House and their other care home, Main’s House in Newtonmore. Both homes are highly graded by the Care Inspectorate, each achieving 5’s in care and support (very good), with Grandview House recently awarded a 6 (outstanding) for the delivery of care with dignity and respect element.

Grandview House became an accredited Living Wage employer in November 2018. Their Living Wage commitment meant that nearly one third of the workforce received an uplift to the real Living Wage.

Libby acknowledged, however, that other private care homes looking to achieve Living Wage accreditation may find the calculations for care payments challenging. She says "It is very difficult for private care providers to be able to pay all their staff the real Living Wage. This can understandably create a divide amongst the teams. We have worked hard to ensure that all of our employees are paid the real Living Wage". Pay is a frustration in the care sector and Libby explains that, in order to deliver the required support to residents, staff must attend regular training courses to ensure that their practises are up to date and of a high standard.

Libby also emphasises that the pay which staff in the care sector commonly receive does not reflect this and in turn this is reflected in the challenges which the care sector faces with recruitment: "Until people who work in health and social care are valued and paid appropriately in line with the skills required, hours worked, and acknowledgement given to the complexity of providing appropriate support the care sector will continue to face recruitment challenges."

Grandview's Journey to Accreditation

The first steps towards becoming an accredited Living Wage employer came from Libby’s mum and owner of both care homes, Dinah. She was researching payment for people working in health and social care and brought Living Wage accreditation to Libby’s attention. They were already working towards increasing staff wages, so accreditation provided a way to receive recognition for their continued efforts.

Libby believes "it's very important we are open and transparent and able to ensure a fair pay structure. We have been working on this for several years and Living Wage accreditation is integral to this."

The Benefits of Accreditation

Grandview's accreditation as a Living Wage employer has been received positively by staff, not just by those receiving an uplift to the real Living Wage but also other staff proud to see all their colleagues receiving a rate of pay, regardless of age, that reflects their living costs.

Donna Taylor has been a Support Worker and Care Assistant at Grandview House for 2 years. She had previously worked for Grandview before making the decision to go self-employed as a childminder. Following her decision to no longer pursue self-employment, Grandview House was the obvious choice to return to for work."They are a good family run company, with high standards of care and support, not only to service users but to staff also.  The wages are good and above the real living wage. I think it’s a good thing for all working-class people that there is such a thing in place to encourage employers to pay a reasonable wage that people can live on."

Gilean McCutcheon is an administrator at Grandview House. She started with the business 3 years ago as a receptionist and has since then progressed onto the administrator role. Gilean explained how Grandview House have always been a supportive employer but being paid the real Living Wage has allowed them to offer her support in another way: "They are a caring and understanding employer.  Grandview have been amazing at helping me through a recent tough period in my life. I feel the real Living Wage is important for people like myself who are single parents, it helps greatly towards being on a higher wage than the national minimum wage, it allows me to be more self-sufficient and not rely heavily on receiving benefit payments."

The final word goes to Libby who says "I believe Living Wage accreditation will continue to have a positive impact on our teams, our clients and the wider community we work within."


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