Meet Utopia Computers - Living Wage Employer

Meet Utopia Computers - Living Wage Employer

Name: Utopia Computers

Base: Kilmarnock, Scotland

Number of staff: 10

Utopia computers is a multi-award winning computer manufacturer, retail and repair store.


Hi Craig. As the Director of Utopia Computers, can you tell me why you decided to become a Living Wage Employer?

I had made a commitment to our team to adopt the Living Wage framework as soon as it became financially viable.

We believe that our entire team are hard?working individuals, who put 100% into growing Utopia and giving our customers the best possible service, and as such, should be entitled to a higher standard of living. There is a misconception that working for a smaller company automatically means you are lower paid, this is certainly not always the case. Rather than looking solely to the government to increase the minimum wage, I think that the responsibility also lies with companies who are seeing growth ? like ourselves, to ensure that they are paying their employees appropriately.


What was involved in the process of implementing the Living Wage for staff?

The process was actually incredibly straightforward. Katherine, our accounts manager took charge of making sure it was financially viable. When we knew we could do it we do it we consulted the rest of our team and we made the decision that it was in Utopia’s best interest to implement the Living Wage. There was very little in the way of red tape, I would happily recommend it to any company.


What’s been your view on the Living Wage?

The minimum wage has its place, but successful employers really need to ask themselves, do we want to be paying the people who make our business what it is the absolute minimum? There is a need to pay people appropriately for the work they do and I think the Living Wage gives a great foundation for companies to do this.


Hi, Cameron. What is your role at Utopia Computers?

While my title is a technician, my days can be extremely varied. As well as repairing desktop and laptop PCs, I am also involved with our retail store, dealing with stock management and planning Utopia's repair strategy.


What did you do before you joined Utopia Computers?

After I left school I went on to study electrical engineering, but it didn’t fit well. I found myself working in a bar, earning the minimum wage. I was then offered a training role at Utopia Computers, it has been great and I am now a full time member of the team.


What difference has the Living Wage made to your income?

Before I got the Living Wage I was earning the minimum wage for a 20 year old, which isn’t a lot as you probably know. So the increase in my pay to the Living Wage standard has been great, it’s made a big difference.


In what way has it made a difference?

Well, I live with my girlfriend and daughter. Before I got the Living Wage, we were more or less living pay check to pay check. Now we’ve got a little bit extra, we’ve been able to redecorate the house and just generally I think getting the Living Wage has meant we have more security.

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