Manorview Hotel Group puts its team at the heart of the business

Scottish Hotel group announces commitment to Real Living Wage & delivers significant pay rises for all staff

One of Scotland’s leading independent hotel groups, has revealed today that every single member of the Manorview team, regardless of role, age or venue, will be paid the real Living Wage at a minimum.

From today any Manorview employee aged 23 and over will benefit from a 6.6% wage increase and a 13% increase for 21 and 22 year olds working within the business.

Additionally, because Manorview is committed to paying to every single member of the team the real Living Wage, for those aged 18-20 it is a significant increase of 45%, which the Group hopes will make the lives of its young workforce better and also encourage staff retention and performance.  Under the new pay structure under 18s will also be paid real Living Wage resulting in a 105% pay increase.

The commitment makes Manorview Hotels the 100th Scottish hospitality business to participate in this voluntary scheme, as well as making them the largest Scottish hotel group to be accredited to date.

The company has made the commitment in a bid to make pay and benefits fairer and better for the team, of which there are 500 employees working across nine venues as well as head office and its remote facilities teams.

The commitment comes as Scottish hospitality fully re-opens to capacity again after months of restrictions and gives the Manorview team even more reason to celebrate.

David Tracey, Managing Director, Manorview Hotel Group said:

“This is an extremely proud moment for the business.  We have been working closely with Living Wage Scotland for many months to become an accredited employer and we’re 100% committed to paying the real Living Wage to every single member of our team.  Quite simply each time the living wage increases, our wages will too.  We’ve started to roll out the news to the group and so far the feedback has been extremely encouraging. The fact our accreditation makes us the 100th hospitality business to make this commitment makes it even more of an amazing milestone for both our team and the industry as a whole.”

Lynn Anderson, Manager, Living Wage Scotland said:

“We’re delighted to welcome Manorview Hotels and Leisure Group to our network of over 2000 accredited Living Wage employers in Scotland. Good quality jobs with decent pay can improve recruitment and retention of a loyal and motivated workforce. We hope that more hospitality employers across Scotland follow the lead of Manorview in recognising the business benefit and social value of becoming an accredited Living Wage employer, helping ensure workers and their families have what they need to thrive.”

Peter Kelly, Director the Poverty Alliance said:

“Congratulations to Manorview Hotels and Leisure Group on their Living Wage accreditation. Too many workers in the hospitality industry are paid below the real Living Wage – around 60%, and Manorview’s Living Wage commitment is an important signal of leadership on seeking to tackle low pay in the industry. Payment of a real Living Wage allows workers to better meet their everyday needs and feel that their value and hard work is recognised by their employer. We hope more hospitality employers follow Manorview’s lead by becoming Living Wage accredited.”

To coincide with their Real Living Wage commitment, anyone working at Manorview will also now benefit from a commitment to abolish zero hours contracts and from today anyone who previously had zero hours contract has been offered a new contract with guaranteed hours. The business will now only ever now give a zero hours contract if a team member specifically requests one.

David Tracey, Managing Director, Manorview Hotel Group said:

“This move further demonstrates our commitment to fairness and will give our team a greater sense of security.  We have spent a huge amount of time over the past year talking to and listening to our team and due to the pandemic it became very clear that job security is a key concern for people moving forward, so we hope these steps, combined with our new rewards scheme commitment will give our team more piece of mind. Fundamentally, this is the right thing to do for our people.”


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