Building a workforce for the future across North Lanarkshire

19 September 2023

The NL Employer Charter has been created by North Lanarkshire Council to support employers who do business responsibly. The scheme operates across North Lanarkshire and will drive positive improvements across the labour market, benefiting both employers and employees. 

The Charter includes Four Pillars, one of which is Fair Pay. The real Living Wage is an essential element of Fair Pay and the drive to reduce inequalities in Scotland. To meet the accreditation criteria of the Employer Charter, employers must pay all directly employed staff the real Living Wage or must be actively working towards paying the real Living Wage. 

The Employer Charter scheme is free and is open to all sizes of organisations in North Lanarkshire.  The scheme offers a number of benefits to those who join, including but not limited to: 

  • Access to support, expertise and, where appropriate, funding to help develop and grow a capable, resilient, future-ready workforce which supports business goals;
  • Access to contacts via networking and partnership opportunities;
  • Enhancement of company profile​.

Adele Muir, Employability Development Manager at North Lanarkshire Council said:

“North Lanarkshire Council, through the NL employer charter, is committed to recognising employers who are operating responsibly and supporting their employees.  By doing so these businesses make a positive commitment to North Lanarkshire and the local economy.”

Read on to hear from members of the Charter who are also accredited real Living Wage employers. If you are not yet an accredited real Living Wage employer, you can take advantage of a discount scheme giving you a reduction on your first year’s membership. Find out more from 

“Supporting the real Living Wage is key in recruitment and retention of staff. Furthermore, as a business we believe paying the real Living Wage is as important now as ever given the current financial climate. 

We applied to join the NL charter to give recognition to NetZero Facades and all employees who have worked tirelessly to develop the business and uphold the values which are key to achieving this accreditation.”  

Elizabeth Campbell, Net Zero Facades  

“A Living Wage is not just about economic fairness; it is a fundamental human right. It ensures that our staff and their families can cover their basic needs, such as food, housing, healthcare, and education, without constantly struggling to make ends meet. By paying a Living Wage, we not only support the well-being of our staff but also contribute to a more just and equitable community in North Lanarkshire.” 

Michael Cusack, ACS Clothing 

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