Leith Community Crops in Pots – A Growing Movement

Leith Community Crops in Pots is a charity in Leith, Edinburgh whose aim is to promote responsible global citizenship rather than consumerism through initiatives like Leith Community Croft, the Croft Food HubEdible Schoolyards and the Croft Carbon College.

When Evie Murray, CEO, realised how invaluable Leith Community Crops in Pots would be in helping the people of Leith during the crisis, she immediately applied for funding which enabled employees, freelancers and volunteers to offer cooked meal delivery, free bikes and bike maintenance, as well as education and entertainment outreach.

Evie oversaw the reallocation of roles which meant team members such as Tom and Tao turning their hands to bike deliveries and podcasts. The ethos of LCCiP is evident throughout their collaboration and cooperation with, and for, the community.

The team are currently hard at work continuing to grow healthy and sustainable food, all while wearing many other hats and under exceptional circumstances.

“I can truly say that it’s been heartening to see how people have pulled together to help others in this period of crisis”. Evie, CEO

Leith Community Croft, an LCCiP initiative, is open to visitors free of charge, and through a membership scheme enables and encourages the community to become more self-sufficient through drop-in growing sessions and activities. They also provide the opportunity to get involved in aspects such as developing facilities for children and offer communal growing areas to Leithers who want to get their hands dirty!

“Now is the time to embrace change. Urban city crofts are a way to involve and empower people, at a time when many feel disconnected” Evie, CEO

Of course, before the meals are cooked and delivered, the ingredients must be produced and prepared. Our human “right to food” has been uppermost in the minds of those involved in the food aid sector and urban city crofts, and access to food is something that many of us have taken for granted. However, during the past few months it’s become apparent how fragile our food system is and how important sustainability and self-sufficiency are. Team members are hard at work harvesting the fresh food crops which are then prepared and cooked by the Croft Food Hub team who produce delicious and nutritious vegetarian meals.

Food shopping is particularly challenging during the COVID-19 crisis and, for many people who are isolating, access to shops is just not an option. To ensure locals can access nourishing meals, LCCiP have set up a free cargo bike delivery service. Bikes also feature in their mission to provide key workers with a safe and affordable way to travel. As well as providing free bikes to those keeping the country running, LCCiP are offering free bike maintenance and servicing.

With so many people from different walks of life offering help, Evie describes it as “a microcosm of what the world should be like” and feels hopeful that the kindness, generosity and community spirit shown by people will help to build a future where communities and individuals are empowered to reform the system.

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